Osteopathy diagnoses and treats faults that occur because of injury, stress or disease. It is distinctive in that it recognises that much of the pain and disability we suffer stems from abnormality in the function of the body structure. The Osteopath will first assess the mechanics, function and posture of the patient to diagnose the complaint before treatment.

The treatment itself may involve muscle and connective tissue stretching, soft tissue massage, rhythmic joint movements, manipulation techniques to help release joints or electrical/ultrasound therapy. All with the aim of correcting those parts of the body that have caused the symptoms.

By working within a framework of postural advice and exercise, this enables the body not only to return to normal function, but also to prevent further occurrence.

Osteopathy can be used for many structural disorders of the body. It is appropriate for acute or chronic conditions, sports and other injuries and is suitable for all age ranges. It can be used in a very gentle way on the more frail.